Potluck Slideshow Success – Thank You!

WAAM Potluck3

“Thanks to all who turned out on a cold winter’s night for WAAM’s first Potluck Slideshow .  It was a resounding success with over 65 in attendance and the work of 32 artists presented in the slideshow. The evening began with a generous potluck meal, followed by lively conversation and a slideshow representing paintings, works on paper, installations, sculpture, photography and video that exemplified the caliber and diversity of the artwork that is being created in the Hudson Valley region. As we had hoped, the evening offered the chance for artists to meet fellow artists as well as collectors and curators and to provide an opportunity for networking and community building. I’ve received such overwhelmingly positive response to the evening that we will surely be scheduling our next Potluck Slideshow in the not-to-distant future”

Janice LaMotta, Executive Director & Curator of the Permanent Collection – Woodstock Artists Association and Museum

WAAM Potluck5

WAAM Potluck 1

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 11.51.44 AM

Thank you to all of the 32 Participating Artists:

Beth Humphrey, Laura Gurton, Gaffney Smith, Barbara Velazquez, Nancy Campbell, Carole P. Kunstadt, Jeff Helmuth, Lenny Kislin, Michael Nelson, Alan McKnight, Joyce Washor, Rosalind Tobias, Elaine Ralston, Sandra Palmer Shaw, Thomas Sarrantonio, Mernie Baker, A.L. DuBois, Gail Albert, Leah Rubenstein, Stephanie Santiago, Dorothea Fischer, Glenn deWitt, Jimmy McHugh, Gay Leonhardt, Sharon Rousseau, Steve Gentile, Miriam Bisceglia, Will Nixon, Carol Pepper-Cooper, Franz Heigemeir, Marianne R. Heigemeir, Mercedes Cecilia

WAAM Potluck2

WAAM Potluck7

slideshow potluck

slideshow potluck 2

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2 replies

  1. Thank you – Janice LaMotta, for bringing this gift to our Woodstock community. “An evening of sharing Pot-Luck dinner while sharing our artwork on Slide Show at WAAM” I truly look forward to our future gatherings. It is great to know other artists by sharing a “LIVE” conversation with them, and to listen to their creative process when they explained their artwork. Thank you Janice. I felt you gave everyone and all of us a Warm Welcomed to WAAM! as if it was our first time being members. Thank you to Beth and Carl for all your help creating a wonderful evening.


  2. Looking forward to the next one and the one after that!!!!



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